Exhibitor Spotlight: Cloudhead Games

It has been a long time since I finished a game where I was not only left breathless but also so excited about the future of gaming “DocBozwell – Steam Review”

Cloudhead Games is the studio behind the critically acclaimed puzzle adventure game The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed. In it, you play as a man who's looking for his sister that disappeared while investigating the runes of an ancient cosmic machine. Along the way, you discover a forgotten world filled with bizarre characters and wonder. 

The highly anticipated story continues in The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone which will be released sometime soon in early 2017.

"After following your sister to the world of Ember, you discover the remnants of a destroyed civilization, torn apart by two siblings and their individual quests for power. Along the way you meet a mountainous ally who, like you, is looking for his other half. Using your mysterious new gauntlet, you must unravel the history of this forgotten place, and reveal the true intentions of the dark figure who sent you here."

We’re absolutely stoked to find out what happens in the next episode!


Cloudhead Games are pioneers of virtual reality, they have partnered with industry leaders to produce the best built-for-VR experiences on the market. Their proprietary, cross-platform tool set; and advances in VR research continue to push the boundaries of virtual reality development.