Exhibitor Spotlight - Quantum Capture

If you’ve seen the new trailer for Death Stranding by Kojima Productions, you might’ve noticed a character that closely resembles a director by the name of Guillermo del Toro. Our next exhibitor, Quantum Capture is the company responsible for bringing his character to life. Their mission is to offer the most realistic virtual humans to VR/AR content creators.

With their technology, the line between real and virtual people has become increasingly blurred. Not only do their simulations appear life-like, but they are also able to capture natural face and full body motion as well. 

Quantum Capture is at the forefront of 3D scanning technology and it's amazing to see how far the field of character design has come. Some common applications for their characters include VR game development, education applications, and narrative VR experiences.

Step into the future of character design by visiting their booth at CVR 2017.