Exhibitor Spotlight - Metanaut

What could be more satisfying than starting a chain reaction of dominoes, marbles and contraptions? Luckily for you, on April 5, 2017 Metanaut released a pre-alpha version of their Virtual Reality puzzle game Ruberg. Ruberg is a virtual reality sandbox game that lets players build their own Rube Goldberg machines and share them with others. The best part is, you can have all the fun of setting up a real Rube Goldberg machine without having to deal with the mess afterwards. Make sure to visit Metanaut's booth and let out your inner child!

All the fun, none of the clean up

All of those blocks.. it'd be a shame if someone knocked them down

An example of some of the tools that you can use to build your contraptions


Metanaut is a small team of virtual reality enthusiasts who are passionate about building a better future. Their focus is developing valuable VR apps that are exceptional in design.

They have backgrounds in industrial design and engineering which helps them to apply proven real world design principles to unfamiliar virtual worlds.

Their studio was previously hired to create a VR experience for a multi-billion dollar company. Now, they're venturing into creating our own virtual reality content—starting with VR games, then moving onto building the metaverse.

They split their time between the metaverse and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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