Exhibitor Spotlight - Radical I/O & Perspective Films

Radical I/O has teamed up with Perspective Films - one of Vancouver’s first VR360 production houses to launch their BeThere360 apps, a customizable mobile VR solution for your business. Knowing that a great delivery medium that reflects a brand's culture can go a long way toward building trust with your users, the BeThere360 solution delivers customizable iOS and Android mobile VR apps, built to carry the look and feel of your company's brand.

This gives you control over content delivery, builds direct communication channels with users and creates new revenue opportunities - giving you time to focus on creating your amazing VR and 360° video content. 

Radical I/O and Perspective Films will be showcasing their combined talents at CVR 2017. 

Check out the BeThere360 app on:

Perspective Film’s Wonders of the World series will be featured at YVRFF this weekend. In the series, you are transported to incredible locations around the globe such as the Grand Canyon and the Auroras captured in Northern Canada. They've also partnered with the Vancouver Canucks to launch new content for CVR 2017 so be sure to check them out!


A full service live action Virtual Reality production agency & laboratory based in Vancouver, Canada, specialized in creating high-end 360˚videos. 

Their creative, production and laboratory teams have been pushing the limits of camera technologies, innovative production tools, and 360˚storytelling techniques that results in revolutionary images and immersive experiences. They are the first to create a motion control 360˚ time-lapse camera which was used it during the production of VR Wonders of the World.

ABOUT Radical I/O’

Radical I/O is a boutique software development shop that cares about quality and building connections in the community. Their work is done in-house and with local talent in order to ensure they put their values into practice.