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Whether totally online, or through hybrid experiences - our technology makes it all possible. Host and attend online events and conferences with an easy to use, powerful event platform.

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GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for "largest attendance for a virtual business conference in one week"


Vu.Live is a perfect solution for events of all sizes, from small, to large, to THE LARGEST.

You read that right. One of the recent events hosted with Vu.Live was awarded a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the “largest attendance for a virtual business conference in one week”.

And who knows? Maybe your event might claim that title, or a similar one, very soon!

Run Evergreen Events on Any Schedule You Want

Have Pre-Recorded Sessions that Appear Live

Built-in on-page Live Chat

Promote Directly from the Broadcast Page

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Vu.Live is the only all-in-one solution for setting up profitable events

Take your leads through a one of a kind experience, whether you’re running an online, in-person, or hybrid event

Brandon V.

"We got a guinness world record for our event... and we could not have done it without them"

Online Event

The Vu.Live Process

Ticketing/ Registration

Built In Marketing Features

Pre-Event Engagement

Powerful Event Broadcasting

Pour jet fuel on your event to make it more profitable than ever! was built by marketers to increase their event revenue using our suite of built in tools.


Marley Jaxx

This is EXACTLY what we've been looking for. A breath of fresh air!


See the data behind your event like never before!

Vu.Live makes it easy to see how your event performs with our powerful built in analytics reporting tools.

Integrate with ANY existing page builder or CRM

We feature full web hook integration, which means that integrating all of your favorite softwares and tools which you are already using is just a click away!

An UNMATCHED guarantee

We know Vu.Live is the solution you've been looking for, which is why...

Days Refund Guarantee


Because at Vu.Live we want to win with you

Matt Vande Vegte

My event was a MASSIVE success and I couldn't have done it without them!


The PERFECT solution for your event no matter what type of event it is

An "Event" means something different to everyone, but rest assured Vu.Live has you covered either way!

Setup your event in minutes and turn leads into customers.

(WITHOUT the need for a tech team!)

Nate L.

"I profited over a million dollars through my first event... I would highly recommend working with them"

Online Event


Rodney H.

"We couldn't have run our event online without the team"

Online and In Person Event


A no matter what

Which is why we've worked with

We recently did our very first online summit... and OMG it was a HUGE, HUGE success! We could not have done it without them.


Jeanna Pool

Stadium Events

Online Events


Business Banquets

Online/ In Person Hybrid

Church Events

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